Tea Biz offers insight in real-time for beverage professionals scanning daily news items about their trade. Tea is both art and craft. It nourishes and inspires. It is the most ancient of plant-based medicines, simultaneously energizing the body as it soothes the mind. Intimately local in character, the tea trade exerts global influence, employing millions to supply consumers at far greater volumes than coffee. It is a fascinating, intricate topic… far more complex than one person can master. That is why the Tea Biz Podcast enlisted 40 voices skilled in 12 languages to tell the story of tea… Authentic reporting relies on the expertise of tea professionals who know the tea lands from birth and speak the native tongue. Transparency is storytelling grounded at origin. Each week the Tea Biz Podcast summarizes news with the greatest impact on the tea industry -- but tea requires far more nuanced coverage than the recitation of production volumes and commodity prices. That is why the Tea Biz Podcast is paired with the more inclusive Tea Biz Blog and Tea Journey Magazine. The podcast offers a weekly mix of news and features. It is innovative and interactive, permitting listeners to conveniently contact reporters at origin to ask questions that are answered via text messages delivered privately to their phone.  Tea Biz Blog  Subtext  Avoid the chaos of social media and start a conversation that matters. Subtext’s message-based platform lets you privately ask meaningful questions of the tea experts, academics and Tea Biz journalists reporting from the tea lands. You see their responses via SMS texts which are sent direct to your phone. Subscribe to Subtext to instantly connect with the most connected people in tea.

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