Let's Talk Paralegal Hosted by Eda Rosa

Eda Rosa

This is real talk with real legal professionals. Where we have hard conversations about the legal industry from all different perspectives. Our guests range from administrators, professors, court reporters, legal technicians, lawyers, and yes paralegals! If you are a legal professional seeking guidance and legal career growth... this is the podcast for you! Let's Talk Paralegal is hosted by Eda Rosa a paralegal consultant who founded Eda Rosa LLC in 2017. Eda Rosa LLC is a legal development company with the mission of changing the legal industry from the inside out; by coaching legal professionals to tap into their limitless potential, training law firm staff members, and providing tailored paralegal services to law firms who are looking for next-level legal assistance. She is also the author of the Let's Talk Paralegal book, a legal professional's guide through the legal industry. A wonderful book for those who are looking into joining the legal industry or guidance through it. You can learn more by visiting: www.EdaRosaLLC.com PLEASE NOTE: None of the content is not to be taken as legal advice. This is an educational podcast only. Its purpose is to create and continue conversations that are geared to improve the legal industry by empowering the legal professionals that work in it. 

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