It’s Lit! [Unabridged]


Welcome to It’s Lit! [Unabridged], the sister podcast to the popular YouTube series It’s Lit!. Hosted by Princess Weekes, this 10-episode podcast spinoff will feature lively conversations with noted authors about their work, discussions about influential novels, and issues related to books and literature. It’s Lit! [Unabridged] delivers the conversations you want to have during your book club, but without having to actually sign up for one. Credits: Host, Writer + Producer - Princess Weekes Executive Producer - Amanda Fox Coordinating Producers - Stephanie Noone, Thomas Fernandes Sound Edit + Mix - Crutch Phrase Studio Fact Checker - Yvonne McGreevy Music provided by APM For PBS: Executive in Charge: Maribel Lopez Director of Programming: Gabrielle Ewing The It’s Lit Podcast has been made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities: Democracy demands wisdom. It’s Lit! [Unabridged] is produced by Spotzen for PBS Digital Studios. © 2022 PBS. All rights reserved.

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