Chrysalis with John Fiege

John Fiege

The climate crisis is a piercing call for us all to change—profoundly and quickly. And it’s not enough to just focus on changing our own habits—we must figure out how to collectively steer the ship of humanity in a completely different direction. The path we’re on now brought us to this moment of climate chaos, mass extinction, and environmental injustice, and we’re definitely not turning the ship fast enough. Hosted by John Fiege, the Chrysalis podcast features’s in-depth conversations with a remarkable group of environmental thinkers about their paths through life and the transformations they’ve experienced along the way. Our guests are great writers, artists, activists, scientists, and spiritual leaders whose stories can help guide us into new ways of relating to our environment, our planet, and the rest of life on Earth. We’re not searching for simple answers or magical solutions. Rather, we are on a quest for ecological wisdom and compassion. On Chrysalis, we embrace complexity and question dogma—in robust dialogue with one another that lights up connections and sparks our imaginations. We need culture change, not climate change, and that transformation starts with the stories we tell each other and tell ourselves. Join us at!

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