Clarence Wesloski

My name is Clarence Wesloski and join me each episode as I chip away at the stigma associated with mental illness in the first responder community, one inspirational guest at a time. My mission is to have guests on with clinical expertise, legislative authority, and stories of hope to remind us that we are absolutely not alone. During a 28 year career in the Law Enforcement, EMS and Search and Rescue field in northern Alberta, Canada I was faced with the challenge of worsening symptoms of post-traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depressed mood back in February of 2020, as well as physical pain from a motor vehicle collision that occurred back in June of 2019. We are losing first Responders and military personnel at an alarming rate by suicide. This is unacceptable. As I like to say, "its time to end the stigma of PTSD and mental health within our first responder community". Having seen this disorder, along with other mental health issues, destroy the lives of friends and co-workers, I believe it is essential to keep the conversation going and do my part to remove the negative stigma that is attached to mental health and post traumatic stress disorder issues that haunt all first responders. We are mostly Type- A personalities that do not like to ask for help or talk about what we and society see as weaknesses. That is what leads to our downfall. My journey with PTSD continues. As a way of educating myself, and in turn helping others like me, I am launching an audio podcast titled "The Heroes Podcast” I believe that everyone has a story but are too scared to tell it, as they worry about what others might think or say. I will have a guest on each episode to discuss this important issue. Already confirmed guest is CEO Richard Hanbury of Sana Health. Hanbury is the force behind Sana, and his life’s story is the foundation on which Sana Health was built. Sana is a smart pain relief mask. It provides an algorithm of light and sound that puts users in a deep state of relaxation. It is a natural, non-evasive, and non-habit forming pain management device that I am honoured to test for the next 6 months. I am excited to share my findings so far and our conversation with you. We will also be having first responders from all around the country as guests on the show to tell their stories with the hope it will give more the courage to come out and tell theirs. I am also very excited to have Patricia Hagarty M.C. Registered Psychologist on board as a regular contributor in a segment called "Clinically Speaking with Patricia and Me". She is a Clinical Psychologist, TITC-CT Clinical Traumatologist specializing in treating PTSD and other mental health disorders with EMDR Therapy. Her and I will discuss a different topic every week and we hope to get topic ideas from listeners for future episodes! So I hope you enjoy the podcast and lets end the stigma together and help keep the conversation going!

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