Beyond Intuitive Eating - Total Confidence with Food, Body, and Life

Beth Basham

Are you ready to end the war with food, discover total confidence in your body, AND achieve your health goals? If your answer is “yes” but you’re a tad skeptical, then you’re in the exact right place. A rising leader in the industry, Beth Basham MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and Liberated Body Coach. Beth helps women bridge food freedom with optimal health using principles of intuitive eating, emotional mastery, functional medicine, neuroscience, and dashes of spirituality. If you’re ready to break-free of the yo-yo diet cycle and elevate your physical and mental health to the optimal level from the inside out, now is the time and Beth can lead you there. Every week you’ll learn new ways to break-free of chronic dieting, restrictive or binge eating, body hatred, and the overall madness of diet culture so you can start living your best and healthiest life in total confidence. If you’d like to work with Beth directly, visit 

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