Join wealth manager Tim Dyer for consistent and reliable information about how to best prepare for retirement and your financial future on the Retirement Power Play podcast. Tim is the founder of Dyer Wealth Management, serving the San Diego area and based in La Jolla, California. He's the co-author of "Defuse", a book designed to help you learn the 7 steps to protecting your 401(k) from the ticking tax time bomb. Tim isn't afraid to run counter to the conventional wisdom of the financial world. Join him each episode as he'll point out problems and inconsistencies you need to be aware of in the retirement landscape so you can take full control of your portfolio to make empowered financial decisions. If you have a 401(k), an IRA, a pension (or maybe even better, no pension), not sure what to do about Social Security, healthcare, legacy planning, or any other number of financial planning issues then you're in the right place. Because Tim is going to cover anything and everything in the retirement planning spectrum. Call him with your questions at 858-459-3937 or go online to to find out more information!

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