Guardian Grange is a veteran powered humanitarian and environmental regeneration project, founded by former US Navy SEAL, Mark "Matz" Matzeldelaflor, to protect natural resources, strengthen communities, and uplift veterans with a renewed sense of purpose. Our focus is facilitating individual and community healing through working in nature. We are growing a decentralized network of regenerative permaculture properties to build the infrastructure for a soil based economy, and serve as healing spaces for veterans and co-creative community projects that build deep-rooted relationships and inspire stronger sense of community for generations to come. Guardian Grange is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3), EIN 85-3841605. Contributions are tax deductible. Your donations support our efforts to improve humanity and the environment by uplifting veterans to protect natural resources and strengthen communities. Donate directly through our website and connect with us on social media to follow along with our progress as we help transform the world into a more beautiful, healthy, and friendly place one community at a time.

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