Faith Unaltered is a Christian Podcast and YouTube Channel for anyone interested in the topic of Biblical Christianity, whether you're a believer in Jesus Christ or not! Co-hosted by David Russell and Tyler Fowler, Faith Unaltered seeks to accomplish two primary things for you, the listener: Examine, discern and present to you the facts of the faith by engaging in exegesis of Scripture, practicing apologetic methodology in debate, and interviewing the experts on theology, church history, etc.! Practically strengthen believer's faith in Christ by answering YOUR QUESTIONS through our YouTube live chat when we livestream as well as our call in number (1-855-450-6624) when we are live on the radio! You can also contact Tyler and David via email at We exist to engage the culture and its various worldviews, especially those within Christianity that involve issues surrounding theology and the universal body of believers at large! Also, we aim to equip the secular world with the truth and to help believers discern biblical truth, all the while reaching the masses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, promoting healthy discipleship within the cultural milieu. At the end of the day, YOU DECIDE!

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