CX Nexus Podcast

Nicole Saunders and Chris Detzel

CX Nexus," hosted by Nicole Saunders and Chris Detzel, is a cutting-edge podcast at the crossroads of community, customer experience, customer success, sales, and marketing. Tailored for forward-thinking leaders in mid to upper management, this podcast is a goldmine of insights for professionals shaping their careers in these interconnected domains. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration and cross-functionality, it navigates the intricate dance of integrating diverse business functions effortlessly. Each episode unfolds as a masterclass in cross-functional leadership, offering innovative strategies for collaborative success and a deep dive into the latest industry trends. "CX Nexus" serves as a powerful platform for personal brand development for both its hosts and its audience. More than just a podcast, it's a career accelerator for the astute professionals in marketing, community engagement, product management, sales, and customer success.

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