The Real Estate Pod


Ready to start, scale, and turn a profit with real estate investing? Brought to you by RentRedi, the platform that makes renting easy for landlords and tenants, The Real Estate Pod tackles all sides of real estate investing and provides you with actionable strategies to start, scale, and cashflow your real estate business. Our hosts are here to share with you entrepreneurial mindsets, investing strategies, and how to build long-term wealth. We’ve partnered with successful real estate investors to tackle ALL sides of real estate investing and providing actionable strategies do more! Our 3 hosts have all successfully built their own respective real estate empires, making millions along the way. Tune in every week | Tuesdays - Women of Real Estate: Spotlighting women who are crushing it, real estate coach and investor Stacy Rossetti hosts conversations with women from across the country to talk strategy. | Wednesdays - The Business of Real Estate Investing: Interested in the entrepreneurship of investing? Each week, real estate experts Glenn & Amber Schworm talk about economics, Airbnb-ing, and basic entrepreneurship. | Thursdays - Real Estate Investing for Rookies: Ever wondered how to start investing or how to build a team? Real estate coach and investor Stacy Rossetti shares the how-tos for rookie investors. | Fridays - Building Long-Term Wealth in Real Estate: Building wealth through real estate is achievable. Author, investor, and real estate agent Craig Curelop will discuss effective strategies to build long-term wealth. Subscribe & turn on notifications to be sure you’re notified when each episode drops!

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