Hi friends! Welcome to THINK OUT LOUD WITH ME, a chat-cast produced, hosted, and humbly offered by yours truly, Natalie P., from my neck of the woods to YOU…in YOURS. I’m taking full advantage of a Universally-accepted, irrevocable license to be curious, and held by every single one of us to engage others in constructive and enlightening conversation. After years of internal chatter, white boards full of wondering, logs of silent suffering, and physical and mental close calls, I’m exhausted keeping it all together by myself. THINK OUT LOUD WITH ME is my own search for Self, and the clarity, connection, community, and congruence I know I'll discover in the stories and perspectives and beauty of others in search of the same. In so doing, if I help you find your voice…ignite your curiosity…nudge you just a bit in your own favor…well, shit. I’d like that. I’d like that a LOT. Thanks for listening.

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