Time permitting, Nelu Lazar is a singer-songwriter, producer, co-founder of acoustic & rock bands, prosodic book writer, author of “The Seasons’ Journey: A serendipitous rock opera.” --- Good morning! Due to our inability to get together enough, on some random Sundays I thought I’d invite you to an audio coffee, when I will reveal the arts and music that I created ages ago, or perhaps some that I created in more recent times. I will bring up a few tales although I’m not a storyteller, I’ll be playing live acoustic although I’m not a professional musician, I will unveil the universe of other artistic creations of mine although I am only a hobbyist creator. I’m starting with ~10 minutes on a Sunday early morning, and we’ll see where this experiment will take all of us. Hugs! -Nelu Lazar --- https://nelulazar.com/terms

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