Hey artist! Want to learn how to go from aspiring artist to full-time creative? Look no further. In this podcast, we will cover Who gets to be an artist What an artist’s life looks like How to become a successful, professional artist And we will bust the myths that keep so many creatives starving, struggling, and stuck. I’m your host, professional certified coach and fellow artist Nancy Sun. I’ve acted with and been directed by Academy Award nominees. The New York Times and SXSW have recognized me for my writing. All without an MFA or BFA. As a coach, I have helped writers get their first byline, actors get their first credit, fine artists get paid residencies and freelancers get their first six-figures. Ready to make the art, money, and impact you want? Visit www.makingartistspodcast.com now! You can also follow me on instagram at @thenancysun

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