The We Podcast with Sarah Monares

Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios

The We Podcast was created to provide a space for women to speak their authentic truth, grow forward, and rise above the challenges they face. To realize and fully understand that we are not alone in our struggles is powerful and so very healing. In a world where masks and perfectionism are the norms, we want this to be a space where you can authentically come and take off those masks and stop the comparison game. We believe our story makes us who we are and that we each have a unique perspective and valuable gifts. It’s not until we can own our story and walk in it that we are able to have the power and confidence to pick up the pen and write our own ending. Part of the Loudspeaker family of podcasts. Hear new episodes first on Monday nights at 9pm ET/6pm PT on the Loudspeaker One live stream at or get our free mobile app. Available on demand on Tuesdays.

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