Sri Nanak Prakash (Suraj Prakash) English Katha

Basics of Sikhi

Sri Nanak Prakash is a detailed historical account of the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It was written by Mahakavi (great poet) Bhai Santokh Singh Ji in 1824 (AD), and represents one of the most comprehensive and beautifully written accounts of Guru Ji’s life. It is usually associated as a part of the greater text known as Sri Gurpartap Suraj Granth (aka Suraj Prakash) which details the historical accounts of all 10 Guru Sahibs in poetic form. It is an ocean of bliss, knowledge and experience. It is said that if one listen to the history of the lives of all 10 Gurus through these texts with complete devotion and faith, they can reach enlightenment. Tune in LIVE on Fridays & Saturdays on Zoom ( 6pm PST (see the poster on @basicsofsikhi Instagram for other time zones). -- Support us: Contact us:

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