The Unlock Moment leadership podcast: find your purpose for leadership and life

Dr Gary Crotaz PhD

My name’s Dr Gary Crotaz, I’m an international speaker, an executive coach, and I coined the term The Unlock Moment. An Unlock Moment is that flash of remarkable clarity when you suddenly know the right path ahead. Unlock Moments define us. They teach us about ourselves. And we remember them decades later. In exploring Unlock Moments on this podcast and in my speaking and coaching work, I’ve discovered how we can see ourselves through a new lens, how we can make new and powerful connections, and how we can get right to the heart of our deepest underlying sense of purpose. In these intimate and curious conversations I explore how people find fulfilment, happiness and balance. From ordinary people with extraordinary stories, to some of the most successful people on the planet, you’ll hear them reflect on those pivotal life and career moments, when they suddenly knew something they didn’t know before. And as you listen, maybe you’ll be inspired to explore your own Unlock Moment. I’m so happy you’re here. Sit back and open your mind. Welcome to The Unlock Moment!

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