The Root Of The Science Podcast

Anne Chisa

The Root of the Science Podcasts airs Monday biweekly. Hosted by Anne Chisa aka Anne with an E. This show has interviews with guests involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). #AfricansInSTEM across the globe are given the opportunity to tell their stories in their own voice about their research or projects. We find out why they are in the STEM field (the ROOT of their science) and have in-depth conversations about the individual away from the science. Bringing the podcasts into mainstream media, the hope is to inspire and motivate others to get into STEM as well as those who are already in the field to persevere in their endeavors after hearing about the personal stories from guests. The podcast is also targeted to anyone who is not in STEM. You will be afforded the opportunity to broaden your horizon and you will learn something new, guaranteed from each episode!*Disclaimer: The views expressed by the guests in the podcast episodes do not reflect my own*

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