Employee Survival Guide®

Mark Carey

WELCOME TO THE EMPLOYEE SURVIVAL GUIDE® PODCAST The Employee Survival Guide® is an employees only podcast about everything related to work and working. We will share with you all the information your employer does not want you to know about and guide you through various work and employment law issues. Your Host Mark CareyThe Employee Survival Guide® podcast is hosted by seasoned Employment Law Attorney Mark Carey, who has only practiced in the area of Employment Law for the past 26 years. Mark has seen just about every type of employment dispute there is and has filed several hundred lawsuits in state and federal courts around the country, including class action suits. He has a no frills and blunt approach to employment issues faced by millions of workers nationwide. Mark endeavors to provide both sides to each and every issue discussed on the podcast so you can make an informed decision. EMPLOYEE SURVIVAL GUIDE PODCAST IS LIKE NO OTHERS The Employee Survival Guide® podcast is just different than other lawyer podcasts! This podcast is for employees only because no one has considered conveying work and employment information directly to employees, especially information their employers do not want them to know about. Mark is not interested in the gross distortion and default systems propagated by all employers, but targets the employers intentions, including discriminatory animus, designed to make employees feel helpless and underrepresented within each company. Company’s have human resource departments which only serve to protect the employer. You as an employee have nothing! Well, now you have the Employee Survival Guide® to deal with your employer. Through the use of quick discussions about individual employment law topics, Mark easily provides the immediate insight you need to make important decisions. Mark also uses dramatizations based on real cases he has litigated to explore important employment issues from the employee’s perspective. Both forms used in the podcast allow the listener to access employment law issues without all the fluff used by many lawyers. Subscribe to our show in your favorite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Overcast.  You can also subscribe to our feed via RSS or XML. If you enjoyed this episode of the Employee Survival Guide ® please like us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We would really appreciate if you could leave a review of this podcast on your favorite podcast player such as Apple Podcasts. Thank you! For more information, please contact Carey & Associates, P.C. at 203-255-4150, or email at info@capclaw.com. Also go to our website EmployeeSurvival.com for more helpful information about work and working.  

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