The Standards Show - the podcast that brings you the stories behind the standards. Join Matthew Chiles and Cindy Parokkil - and their guests along the way - for conversations on the concepts, history, people, and organizations involved in standards. And how they shape and improve the world around us, making life easier, safer, and more enjoyable. From facilitating international trade, to fixing potholes, to brewing the perfect cup of tea. Expect a mixture of bite-sized and in-depth episodes and frequent series, such as the monthly Standards Desk of News. And regular features too, including the popular My Favourite Standard. Sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted, though always informative, educational and engaging, The Standards Show is the podcast for anyone working in standards, using standards, studying and researching standards, or just plain curious about standards. Matthew Chiles is a stakeholder relations specialist and has been communicating policy ideas and programmes for over 20 years. Cindy Parokkil is an experienced economist and international development practitioner. [The Standards Show was formerly the BSI Education Podcast]

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