Running an online business is not always rainbows and dollar bills. It's hard work. It's HEART work. In this podcast, Courtney Sjoberg, uncovers hard truths, ah-hah moments, big wins, bigggg losses and everything in between that she has learned from building a multiple 6-figure brand in the past 5 years. Join us every week as we talk about the good, bad, ugly and everything in between about running an online business. Courtney dishes out marketing advice, social media help, how to hire (and sometimes fire) a team, dealing with anxiety and depression while being a CEO, and so much more. She DOESN'T hold back. She is her full unfiltered self. Her hope is that you will learn something and take away a little bit of magic in every episode as she airs out everything she has learned being a full time entrepreneur. Let's get into it!

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