TV Talk Show Formula

Donna Kunde

TV Talk Show Formula is a podcast that teaches aspiring talk show hosts how to create engaging content, book high-profile guests, and build a loyal audience. Hosted by veteran producer Declan Oceguera along with radio and podcast expert Donna Kunde, this show provides insider tips and strategies that can help you launch and sustain a successful talk show. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find valuable insights and actionable advice in every episode. Tune in to TV Talk Show Formula and take your talk show to the next level! Remember, if you want direct, live support from us for your TV Talk Show, then contact us today at Each week we will walk through an easy-to-follow, proven, plug-and-play way to get YOUR podcast done, 13 minutes at a time, in just 13 weeks. So follow the formula each week. And welcome to the show.

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