C-Change Show- Changing Business Culture for GOOD

Maura Barclay, CCMP-NFP

Since the Great Resignation, culture has become paramount in recruiting and retaining top talent. Fairness and equity have become deal breakers for many job seekers. As a culture consultant, Change Management Specialist and Talent Optimization Partner with Predictive Index, I decided to do this show because I started to meet CEO’s and Founders that were… well, “white guys” that recognized that their homogenized leadership teams were leaving them blind Two risks that could only be seen from different points of view and different life experiences. They figured out how to diversify their top leadership teams. These guys are getting it right, even 4xing their annual revenue.I know there are a lot of other white guys out there who see the limitations of homogenized leadership teams, but they're just not sure how to step into a new way of thinking or help their executive teams see the financial benefits of inclusion.I wanted to celebrate and amplify these self-described “rich white guys” who have figured it out and want to help other men do the same. Although you will be hearing predominantly from white male senior leaders, there will also be plenty of perspective from female and black CEO’s, executives and business leaders who offer their unique strategies and solutions.Join me every week where we will get into how the sausage is made, because when DEI is done right, it ain’t no Kumbaya situation – it’s messy and awkward and yet these emotional intelligence ninjas are getting it done.I have a no judgement, no blame, no shame policy here. The interviews are candid and entertaining and sometimes they can get a little raw so be fair warned, the language can get salty. If a shitshow is offensive to you, this is not your podcast : )Let’s dive into the C-Change!

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