My Other Podcast Is...

Danny Brown

What would you say if your favourite tech podcaster had another show about drunk cats in space? Or your favourite true crime podcaster talked about the weird mating habits of sloths in Central America? Well, wonder no more - My Other Podcast Is... has you covered. Join your host Danny Brown as he catches up with podcasters across the world, and talks to them about their other, lesser-known podcasts that are the complete opposite that listeners of their main shows would expect. From the surprising to the fantastical, every episode will bring you a fun and lively chat with some of your favourite podcasters, and some soon-to-be favourites, and open up a side of them you didn't know existed! Released bi-weekly on Thursday mornings, My Other Podcast Is... promises to be a fun trip down the rabbit holes of some truly surprising podcasts. Follow for free on your favourite podcast app, or listen online at, and be prepared for the unexpected!This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: OP3 - -

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