Trading & Ascension Podcast

Jason E

Welcome to the Trading Ascension podcast, your go-to source for practical tips and insights to help you achieve success in day trading. Hosted by Jason E, a focused day trader, NLP practitioner, life coach, and corporate trainer, our podcast is dedicated to helping you develop the psychology, mindset, and emotional stability needed to achieve consistent profitability in trading. With new episodes every Sunday, we cover a wide range of topics related to personal development, spiritual growth, and day trading. From time-tested strategies to science-based research, we provide you with the tools and resources needed to ascend as a human and a professional trader. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, our podcast offers thought-provoking concepts and success energy to help you evolve as a human and a professional trader. We interview the best industry-related resources and share actionable tips and paradigm-shifting wisdom to help you overcome the hurdles and achieve your trading goals. If you understand that success in trading requires improving your psychology just as much, if not more than, your trading strategy, then join the fast-growing Trading Ascension community. Tune in to our podcast, and let's ascend to success together!

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