The Wedding Planner Podcast

Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas - Certified Wedding Planner Society

Certified Wedding Planner Society is proud to produce The Wedding Planner Podcast featuring 3 unique series:1. Career Support:  Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas, award-winning Master Certified Wedding Planners and Industry Educators from the Certified Wedding Planner Society, discuss the real lives of wedding planners, dispense business tips, and share ways you can elevate yourself and your career in wedding planning. 2. Soulmate Series: Laurie Hartwell, along with her husband, Philip Hartwell, president of the Certified Wedding Planner Society, discuss the trials and hardships of having a soulmate as a wedding and event planner.3. Wedding Industry News Series: Aisha Garnett, Certified Educator and Master Certified Wedding Planner with CWP Society, as well as the owner of Sheree Amour Weddings and Events, hosts this podcast series where she discusses something old, new, borrowed, and some news! The news is designed for all professionals in the wedding industry!Become a VIP Subscriber with The Wedding Planner Podcast, and jump on "Host Hangouts" zoom calls with Laurie Hartwell, Krisy Thomas, Philip Hartwell, and Aisha Garnett! You will be able to ask questions, chat with the hosts, and dive deeper into all the topics discuss in our podcast. Join Here!Visit the CWP Society website for more information:

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