Digital Course Creator Podcast

Dr. Moira Hanna | Coaching Hive LLC

Are you ready to get your digital course out into the world but need help with the details and to-dos? Immerse yourself in the world of digital course creation with 'The Digital Course Creator Podcast,' expertly guided by Dr. Moira, a seasoned psychology professor and course creation expert. Each episode will address the multifaceted aspects of creating, developing, and refining online digital courses. We cover many topics, including crafting compelling content, implementing effective teaching strategies, selecting the right technological tools, and marketing your courses to attract the right students. Dr. Moira brings over 15 years of experience in education and entrepreneurship, combining insights from her academic background with real-world applications. This podcast is more than just a series of tips; it's a comprehensive guide to building a successful and impactful course creation business. From addressing the challenges of engaging student interaction to mastering the art of persuasive messaging, the podcast provides actionable insights for course creators at all levels. When you subscribe to 'The Digital Course Creator Podcast,' you join a community dedicated to excellence and innovation. Each episode promises to deliver valuable knowledge, whether you're in the early stages of course development or looking to scale and expand your offerings. Stay tuned for weekly episodes that dive into new perspectives, explore the latest technologies, and discuss trending ideas in the digital course industry, all while maintaining a focus on mindset, action, and compelling messaging.

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