The ReWild Group founder and Leaders of Lasting Impact podcast host, Matthew Pohl, owned a small business for more than a decade. After 12 years of painstaking work, Matthew hoped to sell the business and retire but was shocked at the valuation he received. It was then he discovered the Stages of Growth Methodology and began applying those principles to the company. Three years after Matthew implemented the Stages of Growth Methodology, he was able to sell his company for 10x what it previously appraised. After selling that business, Matthew decided that other business owners could benefit from the knowledge that he had learned, and that idea gave rise to what became The ReWild Group. Instead of retiring, he has invested his time and energy into creating resources so that other business owners can enjoy the same success. Matthew has authored a series of books called the Organizational ReWilding Rules for Business Growth and each book looks at one of the seven stages in detail, explaining the governing principles that best serve a business of that size and using illustrations to show how the concepts play out in real life. Born out of a passion to help small businesses, our podcast shares the hard-earned experiences and stories from advisers who are helping businesses become more exceptional. Think you'd be a great guest on the show? Apply at

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