Bourbon On Ice

Your Friend Frosty & Your Bartender Mike Whiskey

After spending years braving the nightly airwaves of Cape Cod’s 90.7 WKKL, Massachusetts radio DJs Mike Whiskey (civil servant by day, DnD world creator and gamer by night) and Your Friend Frosty (made of salt, low-key rage, sarcasm, and alcohol) have reunited for an all-new show. Going their separate ways, changing careers, and doing more than five years-worth of growing in a changing world, Whiskey and Frosty team up once again and dust off their microphones. Together, this overworked and incurably nerdy pair will bring their Cape Cod local perspective to why everything west of the bridges is scary and weird, why the height of sophistication begins with food trucks, why the only real holiday that matters is in October, and why the keys to life are strong friendships, strong laughs, and of course, strong drinks.

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