The Day to Day Carp Angler

Simon Fieldstead

My name is Simon Fieldstead. I love my carp fishing, although most of the time my Mrs would say that I just go camping to get away from her. This is partially true, but in the main I'm a carp angler on a part time basis. Carp fishing is my passion. I could talk about it for hours on end. This is why I decided to record a carp fishing podcast and to see if anyone will listen. I am not going to proclaim to being good at it. I like to think I'm not bad, but I am by no means at the top of my game. So in this podcast I will most likely chat about my experiences, funny stories (at least I think they're funny), places I've been, fish I've caught, tactics, things that annoy me (there are lots of these) and I'll probably ask the listeners for tips to help with my future angling.

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