Chica Travel with Lelo

Chica Media

Join the curious explorer, Lelo Boyana, as she takes you on a journey like no other, chatting with fellow globetrotters and travel enthusiasts who are eager to share their invaluable tips and tricks for all things travel. This podcast is your golden ticket to a world of wanderlust, offering in-depth discussions on must-see destinations and a comprehensive guide on making the most of your travel experiences. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer with countless stamps in your passport or a wide-eyed wanderer planning your first escapade, CHICA Travel is tailor-made to enrich every travel dream. Lelo brings you the best of both worlds—inspiring stories from those who have roamed far and wide, as well as practical advice for turning your travel aspirations into extraordinary realities. Keep in touch on social media through @MsLeloB / @ChicaTravelPodcast or send an email to

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