"Welcome to 'CX in The Wild,' where exploration meets innovation in the world of Customer Experience. Hosted by Dennis Wakabayashi, The Global Voice of CX, this captivating podcast journeys to the heart of the industry, often on location, to converse with the leaders and visionaries who are shaping the future of CX across various sectors worldwide.Join Dennis as he uncovers the strategies, insights, and passions that drive these trailblazers, diving deep into their experiences, successes, and challenges. From Fortune 500 companies to vibrant startups, 'CX in The Wild' transcends boundaries, offering a global perspective that resonates with professionals from all walks of life.With over three decades of experience and an influential presence in the CX field, Dennis engages listeners with compelling talks, inspiring stories, and practical wisdom, all woven into a narrative that educates and empowers. Each episode is a masterclass in understanding the importance of building genuine connections with customers and transforming customer-centric efforts into lasting success.Whether you're a seasoned CX expert or a curious newcomer, 'CX in The Wild' is a passport to the diverse world of Customer Experience, filled with exclusive interviews, unparalleled insights, and the tools you need to excel. Join us as we venture into the wild terrains of CX, unlocking the secrets that enable businesses to thrive in an ever-changing landscape."

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