Have you ever heard any of these statements? Healing is a gift, so it should be free. That energy healing doesn’t work unless you believe in it. Or maybe that it is unchristian or, even worse, that it comes from the devil. Maybe these have stopped you: prohibiting you from serving and helping those you were meant to serve.Since you were young you’ve always known that you have amazing healing gifts in you, and you desire to live a life that aligns with your spiritual calling, shutting out the self-doubt and criticism from others. You find yourself in a place where you are ready to take action, finally leave that unfulfilling job, and realize your value as a healer. But you're smart enough to realize that transitioning into a full-time healing career that supports you isn't straightforward.I’ve been there, I know first hand that becoming an effective and successful energy healer can seem daunting, complex, and downright intimidating. Fortunately for you, you don't have to navigate it alone.I am your host and guide, Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, with 50 years experience as a physicist and 30 years experience as an energy healer, which allows me to give you unique insights into the world of healing. I've guided numerous spiritual practitioners, energy healers, and wellness coaches toward making a profound and lasting impact in people’s lives. My singular mission is empowering healers like you to transform and up level your skills into a thriving income and while establishing a fulfilling energy healing practiceI invite you to join me on this unique journey that marries quantum science with ancient healing techniques. Here you will hear tips and inspirational stories to guide you into your dream of building a successful healing career. Empowering you to become a confident healer, make a real difference in people's lives, and earn a living doing something you truly love. Welcome to The Physics Powered Healing Podcast with Anastasia Chopelas. 

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