Living an Intentional Life Podcast

Ashley Strong Smith

Welcome to Living an Intentional Life Podcast (formerly The Living Courageously Podcast). This is a space where in community, we find belonging. A place where you are deeply seen and heard. Ultimately connecting through the lens of intention. Creating intentional, incremental daily actions that enable us to root into who we are, expand deeper into our purpose, align with our truths and live out our wildest dreams. I’m your host, Ashley Strong Smith. In this lifetime, I’ve been honored to continuously live a life that is far beyond my dreams. Taking  incremental intentional action every single day, that has compounded to major change and transformation. Each week, I share tangible tools, tips and resources to invite into your own life. Alongside meeting + getting a peek inside some of the most inspiring women intentionally living their truths! I truly believe that we are capable of bringing any dream into reality, of blooming the most vibrant lotus flower from trudging through thick mud, of honoring our deepest truth and being in full expression in this human experience as after all, we are limitless! 

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