Meet these fictional audio cartoon characters created by Gavin Davies and Tom Clarke-Hill. The series shares similarities with shows like Futurama, but exists as an audio-only storyline. Never heard one quite like it? Good. That's the point! This podcast is part of Podcast Radio’s Original (PRO-Shows) programming. Meet the team behind the scenes: Gavin Davies, Professor Spoon, Police Officer, Area 51 Guide, plus many other voices. Writer, Producer and editor of the series! Tom Clarke-Hill, General Spanner, Narrator, Aunt Biscuit, Jazz Cat, plus many others. Tom is a California born voiceover artist and actor, best known as the voice of Tony the Tiger for Kelloggs Frosties. You'll also hear Tom on Netflix/ITV hit ROBOZUNA, epic games like Sniper Elite 2, 3, and 4, Witcher (Eskel), Horizon Zero Dawn, Lego Marvel Superheros 2, movie and tv trails, and more. Tom also gets his face in there too! Acting credits include Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Denial, Entrapment and Churchill the Hollywood Years.

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