The WAYKcast


A weekly podcast for anyone practicing or interested in learning more about the Where Are Your Keys? (WAYK) system of language acquisition. We discuss topics around language revitalization, language acquisition, methodologies and approaches, and catch up with the team and where they're at. The WAYK system is a comprehensive method for revitalizing endangered languages and skills. Endangered languages are languages on the precipice, with only a handful of speakers left as a result of colonization, and the impact of modern economic culture. Evan Gardner, the originator of WAYK, designed it as an answer to these challenging issues of language revitalization, The series of Techniques that WAYK employs invites any language learner, any language teacher, anyone willing to play, to contribute to the system. By engaging a community, we hope to strengthen a community, as languages cannot survive without a community in which they can live.

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