Flula Makes Five! presented by Boom Time


Boom Time Presents: Flula Makes Five! A sitcom starring Flula Borg as Flula Benker! Premieres Fluesday, September 19th! New Episodes weekly! The Roberts Family just moved into their new dream house — Too bad no one told them it comes with a German techno DJ! Flula Borg stars as DJ Flula Benker. Also starring John Lehr, Julie Edwards, Henri Cash & Russell Horning, and many Special Guests also! Created/Written/Produced by Flula Borg, Alex Hinton & Andy Wombwell Important Note from Flula -- Dew to my cousin Heinz, who did forget to remove the Lens Caps for this whole show entire, our Television Situation Comedy is now a Podcast Situation Comedy. Heinz you are still invite to Family Dinners, but you must now sit outside next to Frödi and Dödi (my Mamas two Dachshunds). Second Note also from Flula -- Hallo Booty Tangers! I know I have been a quiet mouse man on this feed, because I have been working on this Dopeness for many Moon Lengths! I hope you enjoy and tune it in every Fluesday!! Check out FlulaMakesFive.com or @flulamakesfive for more!

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