Welcome to the Unleash Your Leadership Podcast!I believe every individual has a leader in the making. Often this leader is buried under the weight of expectations, fears and self doubt. As a coach, I help you break free from these limitations and unleash your true leadership potential. I guide you in discovering your strengths, amplifying your voice, and achieving breakthroughs to bring forth your leadership for the world to experience. I love to see emerging and driven leaders create a fulfilling work life that is in harmony with their values.Whether you are an ambitious leader or someone who aspires to become one, this podcast is for YOU! Remember, Leadership is not a position, it is a state of mind. Join me as we explore the nuances of leadership and unleash the leader within you.About PriyankaPriyanka is a seasoned Tech leader with over 20 years of experience in engineering, product management, and program management across various domains. Today, she is dedicated to coaching emerging and ambitious leaders in the tech industry and help them reach their goals faster. She works with diverse group of tech leaders from big companies like Meta, Google, Apple etc as well as Startups like Cruise and Rivian.  Besides leadership coaching and career coaching, Priyanka  also works with entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses and manage their time efficiently. 

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