Self Management for Musicians-by Mike del Ferro

Mike del Ferro - Pianist & World Traveler

Created by International Award winning Pianist & World Traveler Mike del Ferro; his highly successful clinic"Self-management and Networking for Musicians" (in any genre). Short episodes with great advice. "As long as you don't have a Manager, you need to manage yourself, develop your Networking skills and be well organized". Mike has been coaching thousands of Musicians already with great results. For private online Sessions, Monthly free Q&A sessions, Questions and Requests for Topics, send an email to: or leave a voice message at Find Mike's Music, Podcast, Schedule and Socials on https://www.mikedelferro.comMike also hosts another Podcast: "Mike del Ferro - Pianist and World Traveller". Listen to Mike’s travel stories, interviews with fascinating people he has been encountering on his international journey, some psychology for musicians , humor and much more. Listen on your favorite Podcast app:

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