Speaking of Crypto Podcast

Shannon Grinnell - Cryptocurrency + Blockchain Enthusiast

Speaking of Crypto podcast features captivating conversations with industry experts on the future of cryptocurrencies, blockchain innovations, and the biggest revolutionary ideas in the blockchain space. Hosted by Shannon Grinnell, former documentary and series producer who has produced film and television commercials, nationally run shows, and independent films in both Toronto and Los Angeles. Shannon has an open-minded approach to asking relevant questions. Her confidence and know how come from experience in storytelling and her commitment to finding the heart of the conversation by allowing a free exchange of ideas. What is digital currency and how is it changing the way we bank, trade and do business? What is blockchain technology? How is it being used today? How will it be used in the near future? More than a show about the market caps, the bull markets or the bear markets around Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we’re diving deep into what’s really going on, on a global scale with the way this new digital technology is changing businesses, governments, our societies and cultural perspectives. Want to know more about what’s happening around us as this revolutionary technology forges new ground, then listen in as we discuss where we’re headed by talking to some of the greatest thought leaders in the crypto and blockchain movement.

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