Hair of the Dog: A Memoir of a Family's True Crime Journey with Narcissism

Simone & Tony

This serves as a memoir of my family, and how narcissism impacts lives. My narcissist father passed away on October 10th, 2021. My father was wild and lived life on his own terms. His death set off a new chain reaction of bizarre but not unsurprising events that are currently in motion. Our story includes, bigamy, lies, potential murder, fraud, death, addiction, destruction, but also humor and healing. Despite all the chaos and pain, we loved my father deeply. There is a long and complex history of our family, and I want to share our story and my current journey to let others with complex family know that you are not alone, and healing will happen. Join me and my host, Tony S. as we unpack my family history and explore experiences with narcissistic personalities. We hope this story will be helpful on your healing journey!

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