The Beachfront Therapist

Lisa Savinon

The Beachfront Therapist is a space for mental health providers. We have honest conversations about what it means to be a therapist, and own a practice, while trying to make space for ourselves. The focus of this podcast and community is all the ways we make space for our own fun and joy as clinicians. Topics include tips to make your practice or side hustle run smoother, systems and organization, creative ways to stave off burnout, finding joy in our profession, and making space for fun and happiness in our practice and in our lives. The Beachfront Therapist's host is Lisa Savinon, a counselor that moved to the beach after discovering the need to make space for her own joy and happiness as a clinician. Lisa's practice is entirely telehealth model, and she is also a wife and mom, special needs parent, doctoral student, EMDRIA consultant in training, and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200). This podcast features episodes on all things therapy and practice owning as well as special EMDR by the Ocean episodes for those that are trained in EMDR and those that are interested. 

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