Unfazed Under Fire Podcast

David Craig Utts, The Resilient Leadership Guy

A podcast focusing on systemic and holistic frameworks proven to support senior executives to improve their results, grow their leadership and enhance their well-being.I created this podcast for two primary reasons:First, to support my former executive clients to continue the application of principles and frameworks they learned and currently practice in support of their priorities and aspirations.Second, to encourage the leadership development and executive coaching professions to integrate new thinking and approaches based on breakthroughs in neuroscience that help grow leaders more efficiently and faster. Ultimately, our species is at a turning point as we face multiple crises. I believe business executives are well-positioned to help us find a new way forward that unites rather than divides and brings us together to generate profound solutions to resolve today's greatest challenges. Yet, if business executives are going to be the change agents we crave, they must embody an enlightened form of leadership. Enlightened leaders focus on creating environments that bring out the best in others in service to visions that unite and generate solutions that serve everyone. I welcome your feedback and even topic ideas. If you would like to communicate with me the direction you can send an email to me: David@davidcraigutts.com

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