Welcome to Rise Up Mentor (formerly, Summits of Life), a platform that advocates for lifelong learning and constant improvement in every aspect of life. As someone who’s experienced both the valleys and peaks of life, I understand that while we cannot control all the obstacles that come our way, we do have the power to choose whether we get back up or not. And each time we choose to rise again, we become stronger. But why settle for just getting back up? By consistently striving to become better and wiser, we can reduce our chances of being knocked down in the first place. That’s why I started Rise Up Mentor – to encourage and motivate you to continuously improve in all areas of life, including vocation, marriage, friendship, personal development, health, parenting, lifestyle, spirituality, intellect, and finance. Although I am a Certified Master Life Coach, I don’t consider myself an expert or master, because I don’t feel there is such a thing as mastering life, but it is possible to consistently get better at it. I’m a lifelong learner who’s committed to constantly improving. And I want to share that mindset and journey with you. If you’re looking for a resource that provides helpful information and encouragement to become the best version of yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s embark on this journey of self-improvement together.

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