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Andy McCann

Building a Firm Foundation for Life in Fitness, Food, and FinanceI believe in building a strong foundation for life through functional fitness, farm-fresh nutrition, and sound financial practices. Join us in creating a healthy and resilient future!We are Happy, humble, helpful people that want to be healthy and fit now, as well as in their 90's. I talk about how to live that good life now and later with heavy slant towards fitness, nutrition, mindset and goals. I will even get into raising chickens, raising kids, bitcoin, rental property, entrepreneurialism CrossFit Garage (Woodstock, GA) channel with other visually videos (long and shorts) Lightning NodePubkey03009791220fc72580bb0b9833b68fd487014be25238c782cae92146c875d26da6My Nostr Pubkeynpub1elc4f7ecllsgskukal7jmcu5zvx724hdpse0swvpmwp56rpw6ywsvr4mvy

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