...as unreal as it may sound

Dr. Sunil Shekhawat , Keshav Sharma, Ashok Pandey, Sijo Kuruvilla George, Anvita Nath, Amit Shukla, Moksh Dhawan, Bhawana Somaaya, Brahmanand Singh, Geetanjali Mishra, Khurshid Lawyer, Sandeep Batra,

This latest venture is a unique audio interview series, featuring some ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Flirting with a Fish dissects the lives of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, teachers, innovators, etc., whose focus in life is learning and not just achieving.“In the routine hustle of life, we keep meeting people focused on trapping the fish. So, when you meet someone who likes to flirt with the idea of catching a fish, you can’t help but turn around and notice.”Match My [Talent]’s latest initiative is a step towards making some raw, unfiltered conversation, with such unique people. These are people who may or may not have been bestowed with a successful/unsuccessful tag by society, but they clearly live well-rounded, satisfying lives because of their commitment to their purpose in life.This initiative is not limited to just performers and creators; ‘Flirting with a Fish’ is a universal podcast series that offers a little something to anyone who identifies themselves as a human being because the ‘passion’ and ‘success’ is not limited by industries.

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