The Brighter Side of Education

Dr. Lisa R. Hassler

Hosted by Dr. Lisa R. Hassler, an author and educator, The Brighter Side of Education podcast offers a welcoming space for teachers and parents to unite, driven by a commitment to spotlight individuals and their action-based efforts to bring about positive change in the field of education.  Its primary mission is to shed light on effective approaches that pave the way for a brighter future for our children. Grounded in research and driven by heartfelt dedication, Dr. Hassler, a mother of seven, acknowledges the diversity in educational needs among children while emphasizing our shared desire for their success beyond school. Join us to listen to uplifting stories from educational leaders nationwide—individuals just like you. The podcast's music is thoughtfully crafted by Brandon Picciolini, a talented musician from The Lonesome Family Band; you can explore more of his work on Instagram.

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