Sosh Andriano

WARNING!!!    FULL DISCLAIMER:  THIS PODCAST USES INNAPROPRIATE LANGUAGE & COULD BE CONSIDERED OFFENSIVE TO PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT HUMAN BEINGS ONLY ACT LIKE CARE BEARS!!!Behind the scenes as a Restaurant Owner & all of its chaos!!!The best and brightest in entrepreneurship stop by each week since 2019 to provide you with value and skills to succeed in your endeavors.There are many areas that are discussed each week. These topics include marketing, management, SEO, advertising, public relations, hospitality 101, restaurant management, service standards from waiters & waitresses, bartenders, bussers, expos, hosts, barbacks & catering personnel. Do you want to learn from people who have been in your shoes? Each guest is committed to sharing tools they have learned along the way and ways to speed up your success. Welcome to the Top 1.5% Ranked Podcast: Behind the blowhole: The official podcast for high achievers and those looking to achieve success, peppered with funny stories & content.Behind the blowhole: is meant to be educational & funny.  Some of the content is embellished for entertainment purposes & does not necessarily represent our personal views.  In other words dont take things to seriously & laugh will ya!!!

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