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Lesley McShane | Certified Personal Trainer & Accountability Coach | Pro-Aging / Midlife Enthusiast

*It is never too late to feel AMAZING!* Welcome to the place where you are allowed to Redesign your Midlife!Are you a midlife woman craving a happier, healthier, and longer life? Are you ready to prioritize your well-being like never before? Do you find yourself yearning to shed those extra pounds, unlock the mysteries of menopause, navigate your midlife mental health challenges, or simply achieve optimal wellness? You are not alone. I'm your host Lesley McShane and I am on the same path as you in real time! It is my greatest desire to have all my health and wellness questions  answered so that I can share them with you. So join me on this transformative journey as I dive deep into the topics that matter most to you.Get ready to be inspired, educated, and uplifted as I share fitness information and motivation, as well as, expert insights, practical tips, and personal stories that resonate with your own journey. It's time to prioritize yourself, rediscover your power, and embrace the vibrant life you deserve.Make sure to find me at all of the following places:GRAB YOUR FREE GUIDE: 4 Steps to Prioritizing Your Health And Wellness This Week (And Actually Doing It): www.lesleylmcshane.comInstagram: lesley@lesleylmcshane.comFacebook: up for the newsletter: 

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