Kill Every Monster

Dylan Malenfant & Aram Vartian

Kill Every Monster is an award-winning Dungeons and Dragons podcast about every monster in the manual. Co-hosts Dylan and Aram are joined by a guest for a DM-deep-dive into a classic D&D monster. The first part is a discussion, and the second is a one-shot actual play where our guest takes on the role of the monster. Dungeons & Dragons is many things to many people, but at its heart lies a system that rewards players for killing monsters. In each episode we ask three central questions: What is this creature? Are they really a monster? How would you change them in Dungeons and Dragons? Each episode of Kill Every Monster is a contained story, so you never have to worry about being caught up or listening out of order. Pick any monster you like and dive right in! The show is free and available anywhere you get your podcasts. We are supported by listeners like you via Patreon where you can get ad-free versions of each episode a week early, and Patreon-exclusive bonus episodes like our DM Notes and and Cutting Room Floor series.

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